It is still 5 months away, but if you would like to join the next edition of the Stuff That Matters Unconferences, do mark your calendar for Friday August 31st and Saturday September 1st. Tentatively themed Smart Stuff That Matters, but as usual with a twist.
The Unconference & BBQ is in honor of Elmine’s 40th birthday. Let’s throw her a party to remember!

Preliminary information can be found in the menu at the top, under STM18.

We’ve done several of these birthday unconferences in the last decade. Starting in 2008, about life-work balance (a fitting topic for a conference on your birthday), we did it again in 2010, (work on stuff that matters) and 2014 (make stuff that matters). In 2012 we did the BBQ at the End of the Universe (without an unconference). In the coming months I’ll shape the event more, and try to connect it to other initiatives in town and the region. Feel free to ping me with suggestions, or to indicate your interest in joining.

It took a while to get to another edition, longer than originally intended. Major events in our personal lives in 2015 and 2016, and moving to a different house in a different city in 2017, meant my attention was spent elsewhere. I’m looking forward to see how well an unconference can be made to work in our new home.

More info will be following soon.