A regular week the past 7 days.

  • Open data work for the Province of Overijssel, with a open data working group meeting and writing a preliminary report for the programme board.
  • Meeting with the Frisian open data working group, sketching the path to the new publication moment at the end of March, to extend what’s available on the Frisian open data platform
  • A good Techsolidarity meet-up in Utrecht, discussing the new EU privacy rules GDPR, and how to do that by design.
  • A session with the Province South-Holland open data team discussing how to build an effective data inventory this spring
  • Welcoming our new intern Jan, who will work on data ethics, and our new colleague LouLou, who will assist in one of our projects
  • Met up with an old university friend I haven’t met since about 20 years
  • Acquired two VHF/UHF transmitters, now that I’ve reactivated my old ham radio license (PE1NOR)
  • Dropped off my ‘Measure your city‘ sensor kit for repair, after the wind blew it out of a tree