Eight years ago our friend Henriette Weber presented us with one of her annual Change Ninja awards. She gave them to people in her network that were advocating change. From a small army of even smaller Ninjas both Elmine and myself got to choose a color (me green, E purple) and a weapon (sword or throwing star), and we received our 2cm polymer clay ninjas I think in May 2010 when Henriette joined us for the Work on Stuff that Matters (WSTM10) unconference in our home in Enschede.

In our new home in Amersfoort we have an attic space that is our studio for DIY and tinkering projects, which has two additional desks. We wanted something big and colorful on the wall. Elmine took the two little ninjas that in Enschede lived on our office desks for years, carefully made a series of macro photos with moss grabbed from the roof terrace, and then had them printed on 100×70 format.

So now we have two life size change ninjas watching our backs in our tinkering space.

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