Today we invited the neighbours over for drinks to get to know them a bit better. We’ve been in the new home for about 6 months now, and we thought it time, now that most of the lamps are installed and all the boxes are unpacked. Of the 11 families we invited, seven joined us today with their kids. Good conversation, and as it turned out appreciated by the neighbours. Some of them have been living here since the area was first built in 2004, and said meet-ups like this happened not often enough. All in all a good and fun afternoon.

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    • When we first moved to our previous home in Enschede, we said we wanted to do this, but never really did. In a recent conversation we found out that both E and I regretted this. So this time around I pushed on, although there’s always a reason not to (we don’t have any lamps yet in the living room, too tired to write the invitations e.g.). I did it now, as otherwise the holidays would get in the way (Sinterklaas, Dutch Santa, early December, then Christmas and New Year), and the next opportunity would have been mid-January. As always, and as we wrote in our e-book on organising unconferences in the home, picking a date and sticking to it is the key first step 🙂
      Glad we did.

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