Today is the shortest day in the northern hemisphere, and we post this to help you look forward to the longest day that comes next spring. We hereby announce Ton and Elmine’s 2014 MidSummer UnConference and BBQ!

Unconference, Friday 20 June 2014
BBQ, Saturday 21 June 2014

Mark your calendars! Personal invitations and more information will be send early in the new year.

We have the luck of knowing many great people in many different places. Over the years we have repeatedly invited many of you to our town and home for a birthday unconference and bbq. Every time we were amazed by the energy created by bringing together a wide variety of people (peers, family, friends, clients). See the e-book ‘How to Unconference Your Birthday’ we wrote in 2011 for some impressions.

Last August, Elmine and I spent a month in Cambridge (UK), thanks to the generous hospitality of Johnnie Moore. When we were in the university’s botanic gardens Elmine and I talked about doing an Unconference BBQ again, and what it should be about. In 2008 the theme was ‘work-life balance’, in 2010 it was ‘doing stuff that matters’. This time around it will all be about Your Story.

Join us with Your Story on 20 and 21 June 2014, for Ton and Elmine’s MidSummer Unconference and BBQ!

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