The decision has been made, the question answered: Elmine and I will spend the entire month of August in Cambridge.

Last year we worked and lived a month in Copenhagen. This year we’ll strike up camp in Cambridge (UK). Johnnie Moore has kindly offered us his hospitality, and we’re very much looking forward to a sabbatical month with plenty of opportunity for great conversation.

Cambridge boasts a MakeSpace, offers space to reflect and write, as well as all the offerings of a city with a large student population. On top of that London is only a short train ride away. Both Johnnie and Elmine have their birthdays in August, so that too provides opportunities, perhaps even of the ‘BBQ at the End of the Universe‘ variety.

We are already very much looking forward to August!

photo by DaveOnFlickr (CC BY-SA)

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  1. Give me a shout when you’re visiting London 🙂 I’m taking planning on taking August off (first real vacation in forever) — we’ll be away for a week but I’ll be around for a good chunk of the month 🙂

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