I will be working from Copenhagen the full month of October. I am open to discuss possible things to do concerning open data, complex problems and change management issues. Get in touch if you would like to meet up.

Going to Copenhagen for a month is a bit of an experiment. Elmine and I in the past few years have regularly spent a week or 10 days in various European cities, to reconnect with our network face to face. That usually is perfectly fine to start conversations, but there’s never enough time then to follow up as well. Also a week in another European city like that will quickly fill up with all kinds of meetings and conversations, usually leaving little room to breath in between. So as an experiment we are moving to Copenhagen for a longer period: a full month. So there’s room for follow-up. So that there’s room to do some actual work together.

Why Copenhagen? Because it is a city we love, and we know some great people there. It will feel at home right away, we’re sure. We’ve rented an apartment for the month, and the good people at SocialSquare have offered me office space to get started. So, October 1st, we’ll drive up to Denmark, ready to take on Copenhagen 🙂

I can offer to help you with:

  • opening up data for your local government or other government body, in a way that is valuable to the government body itself.
  • finding concrete ways to use open government data to increase participation, or impact policy areas that matter to you.
  • coming up with useful applications that use open data and citizen generated data for specific issues.
  • revolutionizing participatory processes by doing large scale listening to real stories in real time
  • setting up the circumstances to successfully grow a local open data community, or start a group of professional peers inside your own organization.

If you are interested to have a conversation on any of these points, feel free to get in touch via e-mail at ton.zijlstra@gmail.com.  Very much looking forward to meeting you!

In the harbour of Copenhagen.