Last week Peter Rukavina was a guest at our home here in Enschede. Although he was worried his old cat allergy might be rekindled by our two cats, that didn’t happen. He did catch a bug though, the making bug. As it turns out making is an infectious meme.

Now, Peter has always been a tinkerer in the years we know him. Building small clever software tools, or running your own hand operated printing press is not everyone’s daily habit. And earlier he picked up on my ‘find your guy in the blue shirt‘ suggestion for opening up government held public data with equal energy, resulting in ongoing effects. So maybe he is more receptive than others. But infect him we did.

Setting up job for Laser Cutter
Laser cutting in Enschede

Laser Cut Letters
Letter type

First we showed him our newly acquired cnc router (it was in his guest room) and laser cutter for our home min fablab. Then Elmine took him to the local FabLab, and asked him “would you like to make something“. Experimenting with making wood type for his letterpress ensued, followed by further work on a laser cutter in Sweden on the next leg of his journey. According to himself his vacation has transmogrified into a ‘makeation‘.

Laser Engraver and Jonas
Lasercutting in Sweden

Laser Cutter Fabricated Type Box
Letter type box

Making is contagious. Better get used to it. A thing to build on as well, when it comes to local resilience in a more connected and complex world.

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