Guest blogging about Open PSI in the EU
In the past weeks I have been writing a few articles as guest blogger at the EU’s EPSI platform, dedicated to European efforts to open up public service information (PSI) and open government data. The EPSI platform does a good job of tracking relevant developments in the EU member states, and also their efforts on e.g. Twitter have surprised me with the speed at which they react to articles and postings elsewhere.
I wrote 4 articles for the EPSI-Platform guest blog, which I am posting here in summary.
Open Government Data in the Netherlands
Describing the fragmented nature of open data efforts in Dutch government, and the reasons why, even though the law is pretty clear on what must be done.
Being Aware of All Open PSI Stakeholders
Often I find entire groups of stakeholders are ignored or overlooked in the open government data debate. EIther on purpose or because of not being able to escape traditional frameworks and assumptions. The same goes for areas where Open PSI can create value. In this posting I describe the areas of interest I am aware of, and the groups of stakeholders visible in that area.
The Business Case for Open PSI, Part I
About all the reasons why asking for a business case for open data is a trap and an excuse to not do anything at all. And how to escape that trap.
The Business Case for Open PSI, Part II
Giving you 7 ways to make a useful business case for Open PSI in your government institution, and 4 groups of questions you can count on you will need to solve.
EU PSI Events In June
The coming weeks will see several events on Open PSI that I will be attending.
Tomorrow I will facilitate a discussion on a Dutch Open Government Data catalog for the Ministry f.t. Interior at ‘Hack the Government’ in Amsterdam.
In Madrid, June 9th, I will attend a session on ‘Realising the Value of PSI‘, organized by the EPSI Platform and, the Spanish open government data portal.
In Luxembourg, June 23rd, I will be speaking at the annual meeting of the European Commission’s PSI Group. The meeting will focus on both the developments around the re-use of PSI in the EU as well as on the review of the Directive on re-use of PSI. I will be giving my views on open data and PSI reuse from a community perspective.