There was a large FabLab presence at the SHiFT conference in Lisbon last week. Part of that was a documentary about FabLab. This 14 minute film was made by Elmine Wijnia, based on 2 days of filming in 2 FabLabs, and doing interviews with both visitors and staff of the labs. All in all 130 hours of work yielded a great document.
It’s not just the film itself though that is the result of Elmine’s work. All the material she gathered is also available in snippets, cut and edited to bite sized statements. These can be used in a variety of ways, in the context of other stories, content or situations. Some of that material is already available in the FabLab video channel. This is how Elmine sees her work as ‘video as a service’. She makes the stories visible that are already there (not constructing her own story), and let’s the people involved tell those stories. All the material is then made available again to those who are telling the stories, so they can reuse them in every way they want.
The documentary was shown twice during the SHiFT conference, once as part of the FabLab workshop, and once as the official premiere in the main room.
Now that it has been also shown to the FabLab community at the FabTable today, it is time to reveal it to the wider world.
It’s a documentary, not a clip, so do take the 14 minutes of time to watch it all. Enjoy.

See FabLab video channel at 23video for more video material on FabLab.