After a month (mostly) away from all things work and internet, today I have returned fully to my normal routines and schedule.
Elmine and I spent three weeks in eastern Germany (pics), enjoying the shores of the Eastern Sea, the city life of Dresden, and the medieval (Wartburg) and late 18th century (Goethe, Schiller) cultural heritage in Thuringia. Ample time to read lots of books, and see different things.
P1080116.jpg P1080223.JPG P1080519.JPG
Island Rügen, Dresden, Goethe and Schiller in Weimar
Last week I visited the Medinge Group summer meeting at Medinge Säteri in Sweden. An inspiring meeting in a beautiful place, where thanks to the hospitality of Thomas Gad and Anette Rosencreutz the conversations were accompanied by great food as well. (pics)
Creativity Rules of Thumb Room With A View Group Photo
Medinge: working session, garden view, group photo
This beautiful and relaxed month ended with a very nice day yesterday, celebrating Elmine’s birthday.
‘We now return to our regularly scheduled programme’