Together with James Burke I have started We are starting to collect pointers to European open government data initiatives, data sources and example mash-ups.

What is for?
We find that there are a large number of good examples of open government data from around Europe available, but that they are at the same time very hard to find due to language differences? Do you know how to search in Danish, Polish, or Spanish? Most of us are able to search effectively in their own native language plus English. That leaves out a couple of dozen other European languages. With this site we hope to make searching easier. When you know something exists, you will be able to better judge if you want to spend the time and energy to dig deeper.

Three types of pointers
We collect three types of pointers:
1) Data sources. Any European public government data source that is out there on the web;
2) Initiatives. Different governments and action groups have started different initiatives to stimulate the use of open government data. Competitions, policies, discussions, platforms, all fall in this category;
3) Mash-ups. Being able to come up with useful forms of re-use for government data helps enormously in making the ‘demand side’ more explicit. What good European examples are already out there?

You can contribute!
If you know of initiatives, data sources (or lists of pointers), or example mash-ups in your country, let us know! Or create an account at, and post them.

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