Four weeks ago Elmine and I left for vacation. A month without electricity, and apart from the GPRS phone no connectivity.
Although we found camp grounds increasingly offer Wifi access from your tent. Also phone coverage as well as GPRS reaches high up in the mountains. Which made it possible for this guy to do a deal over the phone while looking out over the glacier capped tops of the Austrian/Italian border. And which made it possible to let Plazes know where we were.
It was fun, it was relaxing.
We hiked in the mountains, and no my fear of heights isn’t gone. Bought and read a lot of books. Spent a number of days in Munich which was great, and met up with Siegfried Hirsch there. Also met up with Martin Roell on the way south, and my sister who lives in Austria.
Now we return to the regular programme.

One reaction on “Back from Vacation

  1. …. good to read that you’ve returned safely and had a great time! The family and I actually had to spend 3 weeks out of town due to heavy renovation at our house.
    Similar to your experience my time during vacation without internet access and no GPRS/UMTS was just great I’m somehow left in doubt whether all that connectivity stuff really works that much in favour for us …
    Hope to talk to you again soon!

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