It was great. It was fun. Head still spinning.

A few random quotes:

How do you design a network? You just start it! (Jon Husband)
Get the starting parameters right, and nature will take care of most of the rest (Robert Paterson)
Save the world, get more sex. (Tor Nørretranders)
What makes us human: Dare Care Share (Tor Nørretranders)
Peer to peer is not a technology. It’s a societal principle. (Michel Bauwens)
This has been a conference where I have genuinely made new friends (Ewan McIntosh)
Baby Sitting Downstairs
How does intuition translate to Web 2.0? How, how, how, how, how? (Oleg Koefoed)
Leave the complexity in the people, don’t put it in technology (Ross Mayfield)

More coherent impressions later.
Photos on Flickr.
Thanks to Thomas, all members of the Reboot crew, participants. You all rocked.