I don’t know about you, but I am always curious about what kind of tools other people use to support their working routines. I also love to talk about the tools I use.
My latest tool is doing that for me both: it shares my tool use with my social network by tracking how much time I have those tools running on my system. It is called Wakoopa (and in good Web 2.0 tradition I had the shwag in the form of stickers before the actual tool), and it is best described as Last.fm for software. It allows you to group around a tool, share tool use with your buddy list, or tag, review and comment on your own tool use and that of others. (also see Sam Sethi’s first impressions here)

It is built by Robert Gaal and Wouter Broekhof, located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I met them at a recent geekdinner.
You can find my tool-use at my Wakoopa profile.
Some screen shots:
Wakoopa profile
My profile and the tools I use
Wakoopa profile
Characterization of me based on my tool use, and my buddy list