There are only a few days left before we will be driving up to Copenhagen for this year’s Reboot conference.

Yesterday we worked out in more detail what we would like to do in the session Elmine and I proposed, called ‘Owning Your Own Learning Path‘. The proposal got a number of good comments, which we incorporated into the session.

For me the BlogWalk session of May 18th was also a preparatory step, as to me the Digital Bohemiens are a group of people that have formulated a different set of answers to the question of how to take your learning and development into your own hands. (about which another blog posting is due this weekend) Yesterday we took some more concrete examples and mapped them on the framework we have started to develop in the past months.

We did our preparations with Valeri Souchkov, a innovation and TRIZ expert. This session is really a session by the three of us, even though only Elmine and I will be there in Copenhagen. It was fun yesterday, digging into this topic deeper, developing our framework, as well as enjoy some nice food together.
Tomorrow our friend Jon Husband will arrive, and the day after Martin Roell as well. With the four of us we will drive to Copenhagen on Wednesday. So our trip up to Reboot will already be filled with inspiring conversation.