After a long hiatus, it is my tremendous pleasure to announce BlogWalk Eleven for May 2007 in Amsterdam!
Date, venue nor focus have been decided yet, so there is still plenty of opportunity to add your thoughts to the discussion. The date will most likely be Friday May 11th 2007, or Friday May 18th 2007.
With this BlogWalk the series will undergo some changes. Having toured Europe, North America, and Australia with BlogWalk in the previous years we are partly consolidating the format. We have decided to do two fixed BlogWalk sessions per year, one of which will be in Amsterdam in the spring, the other in southern Germany in the fall. Next to those two fixed sessions there will be room for one or max. two ‘ travelling events’ for which suggestions are welcome.
Otherwise we will keep the sessions as they used to be, bringing twenty-odd thinkers and practitioners together for face to face conversations around a social software related theme. Using free or sponsored venues, an after-lunch walk through town, and generally keeping to a zero-budget. As always in the end participants will decide on the spot how the event takes shape, facilitated and moderated by Lilia Efimova, Sebastian Fiedler and/or me. As in the previous BlogWalk events, participation will be by invitation only. But remember, invitations are not meant to make things exclusive, but to make sure everybody knows up-front who is coming. So make yourself known if you want to be there.
For now suffice to say:
BlogWalk Eleven is taking place for certain, in May in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Feel free to add your thoughts and suggestions, here in the comments, or in the newly styled blog and workspace where all BlogWalk related information can be found. We will start working on finalizing the date,venue and focus, before moving to the program, and the invitations for participants. On all three points your input is welcomed.
Sebastian, Lilia and I are looking forward to meeting you in Amsterdam next May.

3 reactions on “Announcing BlogWalk Amsterdam May 2007

  1. Excellent idea. I like the idea of the invitation, it makes it “open to anybody who really cares”.
    Will keep in touch and try to join!

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