Mark Wubben posted this great and telling screenshot, which precisely shows what Jaiku does. (just as this one about what Plazes does)

[[original image missing, no longer online and not available in]]

Today a big storm is crossing the Netherlands. On behalf of the police the national railsystem has been halted. As I was on the other side of the country today I am stuck on the coast, while Elmine is at home 200km away. Our mutual friend Mark Wubben sees this story unfold in his Jaiku data-stream.
First Elmine posts a screenshot on Flickr about how the trains are not running due to storm. (nu_storm)
Then she posts to her blog that she is eating alone tonight. (‘En daarom eet ik vanavond alleen’)
Shortly after that, I open my laptop, and Plazes automatically shares that I am in Haarlem.
All three data traces get combined into Marks Jaiku stream, and constitute a story rich in context for him.
This is precisely the effect that makes these kind of tools so interesting; combining traces into patterns for those that can attach meaning to them.
(Of course both Elmine and I blogged it, which is bound to end up in Marks Jaiku stream again…..round and round it goes)

2 reactions on “Jaiku As Story Teller (or: Jaiku Works)

  1. Yes I saw Elmines post in my Jaiku stream, yours hasn’t showed up yet.
    What’s interesting is that I saw your traze in Haarlem, then Elmine’s message and immediately figured it out. It offers a perspective in the effects of the storm, as you’re no doubt not the only one stuck somewhere. It makes it feel more personal though as I know you both.

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