In the past few years I have discovered how much I enjoy speaking to audiences and hosting workshops around themes which I am passionate about. During 2006 I gave presentations about once a month, a rhythm I would like to continue this year. Perhaps you can help me fill my agenda for 2007!
I present both in the Netherlands and internationally on topics such as:
– dealing with information overload and information abundance, and the skills and infrastructure you need for that;
– the role and use of social software/web 2.0 applications
– the influx of ‘digital natives’ in companies and educational institutes, in relation to human resource management and educational models;
– networked working, and the use of social networks as information filter;
– innovation as an attitude;
– the co-evolution between communities and the technology they use;
These topics I approach from a change management and knowledge-focussed perspective.
Over the course of 2006, this brought me to places like:
– Leuven University, Belgium;
– 7th German On-line Research Conference, Germany;
– Reboot 8.0, Denmark;
– European Distance and E-learning Network Conference, Austria;
– Center for Social Innovation (ZSI), Austria;
– Limburg University, Key-note at Opening Academic Session, Belgium;
– Blogtalk Reloaded, 4th international conference on social software, Austria;
– Professional Training Facts 2006, Fraunhofer Institute, Germany;
– 2nd International Symposium in Media Informatics, Germany;
– New Knowledge Club, Rotterdam Erasmus University Netherlands;
I also have (co-)hosted numerous workshops around the opportunities information abundance and the new class of tools, social software, give us. These workshops typically spanned a full day of intense conversation resulting in action oriented decisions.
These workshops partly took place under the name BlogWalks and brought me to six European countries in the past two years (NL, D, B, DK, S, A), as well as helping to organise workshops in the US and Australia.
I am able to do presentations and workshops in either English or Dutch (both preferred) as well as German. These activities are done under the banner of Proven Partners, where I have been working in the past three years.
Interested, want to know more? Want to invite me to give a presentation, host a workshop or chair a panel? Please contact me at!