Next Wednesday morning I will speak at the Professional Training Facts 2006 meeting in Stuttgart Germany, on the invitation of Ralf Klamma.

Embedding training into business and work processes
In many organisations and companies training and learning offers do not fit to personal, situational and business needs. Often trainings and courses are offered too late for changes in business processes or they are not aligned with the needs of the employees. From this it follows that the planning and executing of learning processes is not connected with the business processes and business information systems. In consequence such training offers have a lack of acceptance because they are not enabling the employees to fulfil their tasks in the business process.

Fortunately, information and communication technologies are not only the cause for qualification and training needs but also support it. In future people and organisations will be more competitive by reducing the time to fill competency gaps and to build skills according to the business needs and the daily work processes. The time gap between identification of a learning need and the appropriate training should become smaller
The international Professional Training Facts 2006 conference will demonstrate how information and communication technologies are already used for professional training and give foresights and forecasts for upcoming IT solutions in this area.
The conference will focus on the issue of requirements, challenges, solutions, and experiences in the area of professional training.