Some of the participants of BlogTalk Reloaded mentioned it, and I found myself thinking it regularly as well. Not only at BlogTalk Reloaded, but at almost all events I go to it happens: the misleading use of the term Open Space.
Can we please stop using the term Open Space each time we mean ‘not the usual broadcasting session format’?
Applying it to everything that seems slightly different than the usual is a dilution of meaning.
The same seems to be happening around the word ‘unconference’ by the way. (even though I think that is an ugly and negatively motivated word)
If you are curious about Open Space, browse through the Open Space World site for stories, experiences and tips and tricks.

3 reactions on “BlogTalk Reloaded: Open Space

  1. Open Space ist Open Space

    Ton Zijlstra weist auf eine Unart, die im Moment auf vielen Konferenzen und Veranstaltungen umgeht, hin: Man nennt alles, was irgendwie anders, als eine normale “Redner redet, Publikum h�lt die…

  2. I’ve organized one event around open space principles (the first Library Camp) and found that with only a very small number of rules it worked pretty well. There’s some larger fully-formed vision of Open Space (all caps) that has evolved over many events and some have more pure versions than others.

  3. Workshops, work and shopping

    Just like the way all non-standard conference formats seem to be called Open Space nowadays, how come all sessions that take place in a smaller setting, away from the main conference room are called workshop? Where in reality in those…

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