Except that they completely overlooked this large screwdriver in my hand luggage which I had completely forgotten about. Thanks to Schiphol Airport Security, I now know that what I always saw as mere window dressing to make us feel ‘more secure’ is actually the joke I thought it was.

3 reactions on “Airport Security Checks Really Help, Not

  1. Funny, I always felt *more* safe going out of Schiphol than other airports, perhaps because they asked me fairly directed questions about my bags and their contents. Since you didn’t intend to attack anyone with a screwdriver, I think the fact that they let you through doesn’t demonstrate a hole in security. Now, had you *used* the screwdriver to some nefarious end, it would have demonstrated something…

  2. Hi Alex,
    Well, yes, it could very well be that at Schiphol they are very good judges of character. And indeed I did not have any strange intentions, as I did not even know I had it still in that bag. 🙂
    On the other hand, I know people who had their pipecleaner, or nailclipper taken away….
    Perhaps Schiphol security knows something about their characters that I am not aware of 😉

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