I have been watching, and sometimes using SocialText ever since Ross Mayfield and his group started it. In the beginning I was enthusiastic about the wiki, and feeding back experiences and needs and wants in terms of functionality. I may not have been following quite close enough, but over time it felt like SocialText didn’t evolve anymore. There was loads of buzz around this ‘first wiki for the enterprise’ (a point where Atlassian might beg to differ), but it looked and felt the same to me. When Seb joined SocialText he sort of fell of my radar, which I thought strange. But apparantly they were very busy cooking stuff up, or it was just me after all.
Because at Jonas Luster‘s, who recently joined SocialText, two major things are announced:
Dan Bricklin has joined SocialText, and with him wikiCalc, which they will be busy integrating.
By OSCON 2006 SocialText intends to go open source. So More on that also by Ross Mayfield. I guess I know what I’ll be writing about around the end of July.
(via Boris Mann)

One reaction on “SocialText Going Open Source

  1. Ton:
    So funny that you bring up SocialText in your blog yesterday. I just signed on as a personal user to see how it would work as a tool for a small team of people.
    I like it alot. My only letdown is that I’ve contacted them now four times to get information on their prices for non-profits and they’ve yet to reply to my requests.
    Looking forward to talking tomorrow.

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