Qumana logoAfter a number of weeks of rapid development and betatesting a new Qumana release has become available in beta. Qumana 3. Biggest news is that now Qumana also works on Mac. Good news for Colby I think.

Qumana allows me to collect snippets and crumbs while surfing, and rework it and publish it to any blog or site I post on. Together with my RSS reader and my laptop based personal wiki, it is a central tool in my information processing. I have been in touch with Jon Husband, Tris and the others of the Qumana team so I have seen Qumana from the start, and a bit biassed as I am convinced that the people behind Qumana are great.

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5 reactions on “Qumana Now On Mac Too

  1. I’ve been feeding my experiences back to Qumana during the evolution of the software. There are still lots of problems, but I’m trying to stick with it.
    Installing Pluck into Firefox has turned out to be quite fun though. I prefer the way Pluck has integrated its tool with the browser and bookmarking to de.,icio.us, with tags integrated into blog and bookmarks.
    We’ll see what tool naturally fits with my way of working. Time will tell.

  2. We really appreciate all the feedback that’s come into Qumana – so, thanks! We are working furiously to improve, to add features, and meet all your high expectations.
    I wish I had cocomment installed but as of yet my email has entered their abyss. Darn!

  3. Thanks for commenting Colby, Richard, Jack and Arieanna.
    Suprglu I’m familiar with. It is one of more efforts to let people easily mix different of their favourite RSS sources (including thos of their own content) into a page that can function as part of their on-line persona. A different beast from Qumana altogether. Qumana is a desktop editor, into which I can easily dump stuff from my feedreader, and that lets me publish directly from the editor to each and every site I am writing for. So this is a tool that fits as a central part of my ‘back office’ of information processing. Suprglu is part of the ‘front office’, a collection of channels that I republish.
    CoComment sounds interesting Jack. I now do something like that with delicious (I bookmark every page I comment on in delicious with the tag toncomment, and republish the rss feed of that tag on my site). Using delicious like that still requires a number of steps. Being able to short cut that would make sense to me.

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