Yesterday I got tagged by Jon Husband. Now, I am not likely to simply ignore questions from Jon, even if usually these type of chain-memes are not for me. Jon is way too valued a friend for that, and the request comes with good references such as Suw and Euan. So here goes!

Four jobs I had:
Taking meter readings for a gas company
Knowledge manager at a research company
Founding boardmember of IFCCC
Consultant at Proven Partners

Four movies I can watch repeatedly:
Empire of the Sun
Discovery of Heaven

Four places I’ve liked:
Aberdeen, Scotland
Zug, Switzerland
Boston area, USA
Prague, Czech Rep.

Four tv shows I like:
Noorderlicht (in depth documentaries, taken of the air, but continuing on the internet and through podcasts)
Gilmore Girls (for it’s fast exchanges, and our weekly tea hour on the couch with Elmine)
Zomergasten (a 4hr programme where guests get to compose and discuss their own perfect tv-night, and ends with broadcasting their favourite film)
The Lama’s (a "theater sport" / improv programme, based on suggestions from the audience)
The links are to shows in Dutch, I’m afraid 🙂

Four places I’ve vacationed:
New England, USA
Provence, France
Alps (Austria and Switzerland, often)

Four favourite dishes:
Clams (when boiled in garlic and white wine)
Zürcher geschnetzeltes if served with Kässpätzle, not Rösti
Homemade Gulash
‘Green’ herring (basically raw herring, directly from the sea)

Four sites I visit daily:
My personal laptop-based wiki
None other unless triggered through RSS

Four places I would rather be right now:
In the new house we will be moving into the coming week
(and which pretty much takes all cognitive capacity right now)

Four bloggers I am tagging:
Lilia Efimova, to get her blogging rhythm going again
Boris Mann, whom I should have talked to more when I got the chance
Maarten Schenk, mister Six Apart for Belgium and the Netherlands
Juan Julian Merelo, for his sense of humour and charting the spanish blogosphere

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2 reactions on “Tag I’m It….Four Things (for Jon)

  1. Actually, Ton, I’m not much of one for these chain-type things either, but I find these 4 Things to be useful in revealing biots about oneself that somehow I think are appropriate to blogging .. and I think they help build links / relationships tpo a certain extent. E.g., I had to think about who I would ask and why, and that is revealed publicly .. etc .. and see, you are using it as a friendly catalyst for Lilia.
    Please say hi to her for me if you are talking to her soon.

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