This is an advance notice that my and Elmine’s websites will probably be off-line for a number of days in February.
Due to the fact that we are moving to a new home, we will be moving our DSL line and servers as well.
Services will probably be suspended on February 13th, a day before handing over the keys of the house we are leaving. At this time there is no guarantee that the DSL connection on the new address will be up and running by then, though we hope it will. At the very least service will be suspended for some 24 hours, as I will have to reroute all domains to a new IP address.
These are the sites affected:, where my English blogs reside, and its various subdomains, the home of the Dutch and German blog as well as the BlogWalk wiki space, Elmines blog, Elmines business site, the Dutch foundation for innovation in education.