Two Blogwalks will take place almost in parallel later this week:
Coming Friday, BlogWalk 7 will be held in Mechelen (Belgium), focussing on civic journalism (and connections to smart mobs)
Coming Sunday, BlogWalk 8 will be held in Sydney (Australia), focussing on the impact of blogs and RSS on our routines and what we do.
The Sydney blogwalk will be organized in collaboration with Anne Bartlett-Brag, James Farmer and Adrian Miles and takes place in conjunction with BlogTalk Downunder, the conference Anne, James and Adrian are putting together. The location will be the Yacht Club right in Sydney Harbour. Have a look at the submitted papers.
That BlogWalk 8 is now going to be in Sydney, does not mean that Inssbruck is of the agenda. It will simply be BlogWalk number 9!
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