Peter Kalmstrom has created a plug-in for
integrating Skype with Outlook. It also requires IE as your browser. While this is not interesting for my desktop, and Linux-box at home, it is potentially useful for my business laptop, which is fully MS as it is integrated with our company’s back-office. Skype and other tools like RSS, IM etc. have been taken up by my colleagues since I joined them last year at a steady pace. Offering a way in which it really connects with our default working environment supports that.
Via Terry Frazier, who saw it at Stuart Henshall’s.

5 reactions on “Skype Dialer for Outlook

  1. I tested Peter’s Add-On a couple of weeks ago and it worked beautifully. (I don’t use SkypeOut much, because the Voice Quality is sill too bad, therefore it is not very useful for me yet, but as soon as SkypeOut is usable also for business calls I would buy the Add-On.)

  2. There are a couple things about Outlook Skype that really turned me away from it:
    1. The requirement for IE to be your default browser. Sorry, not gonna happen.
    2. There’s no way to set a “default” country code. As far as I know, nobody in the US uses their country code unless specifically calling overseas. And with cell phones, we’re not required to even type in “1” before the 10-digit number to call long distance in most cases. This is actually a shortcoming of Skype itself, but I mention it here as other Outlook-Skype integration plugins have solved this (notably look2skype ?

  3. I also use Firefox and OutlookSkype works fine.
    I agree with the +1 comment. Actually it would be great if Skype would fix this. For a U.S. user this is pretty close to a bug. However it might be easier for Peter to change his code then to get Nikolas to change his 🙂
    Anyway thanks, Peter, it works great.

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