The KM consultancy firm I am part of has started an external weblog. Since I started working at Proven Partners, I of course shared my weblogging experiences with my new colleagues. Half of them are now using RSS-readers as a result of those conversations, and now we have started blogging. The weblog is part of the company website and can be found at (RSS feed). It is in Dutch, and I will be its primary author at first.
We have formulated goals as to how many of my colleagues we would like to get writing for the weblog in the coming 12 months, and what sort of effect we would like to see in the number of conversations the weblog generates. It is an experiment that I think has the potential to become a great new way of engaging with people outside our organisation, and it is also a good way to collect experiences we could then share with our relationships. All in all I am pretty excited and curious how it will develop.