A few posts back I wrote about Plazes, which let you indicate where you are geographically while online. The Plazes weblog now announces that they have released two API’s, one for obtaining location data from Plazes, one for sending data to Plazes.

This creates a wealth of possibilities:
Here are just some ideas of what the Plazes API can be used for:
# Integrate Plazes functionality into other webservices like social networks or blogging. How about a location annotation for all of your blog posts? Or connect pictures to Plazes. MT hackers, Flickrs, last.fms – It’s your turn now!
# Write you own launcher. For example if you want to use Plazes on a platform that isn’t supported yet. Or extend your launcher with features the original launcher doesn’t have, including a buddy list with the current Plazes of your friends as well as a message and friend request notification.
# Seamlessly integrate the launcher functionality into your own application, think instant messenger or offline blogging tools.

I am curious to find out what different people will come up with for this.

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