Apparantly the US elections are none of our business, who live outside the US. Of course that’s true, as an European I am not allowed to vote. However I do have an interest in the outcome of this election, and consequently in where the two presidential candidates stand on different issues. For one of those candidates I can go directly to the source, the campaign site, for the other candidate I cannot:

Access Denied
You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.

Netcraft has more on this. Non US IP addresses are actively blocked from accessing the Bush campaign website.
Too bad if you are an American currently outside the US, you will have to choose your new President without access to one of the contender’s campaign sites.
(found via Webwereld, in Dutch)
[update] You can try accessing the site going directly to the IP-address (via BoingBoing)

2 reactions on “George W. Butt Out!

  1. Interesting development. More interestingly is that Canada appears to be part of the U.S. It seems that through some quirk my Canadian ISP isn’t being blocked (I use Telus).
    I have heard some U.S. pundits on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) saying that American expats (like me), might be the swing voters in some states. In fact the U.S. state I vote in (North Carolina) might be one of them since John Edwards is from North Carolina but the state usually votes Republican.
    We’ll all know in less than a week, I hope.

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