In the last post I wondered about connecting the blog to my wiki-space.
Thanks for your responses and suggestions.
I have hacked together a plugin that now connects WordPress to Wakka-wiki (and with small alterations to Wikka-wiki and Wacko-wiki). WordPress, even though this is a Moveable Type powered blog? Yes because I have been experimenting with WordPress, and it turned to be relatively easy to add plugins there. MT seems a bit more complicated, but I will try to do that next.
The WordPress blog I’ve set up is an experimental one, about the end of oil as both energy source and carrier, and the move to hydrogen as energy carrier. It is called Hydrogen
The way the plugin works is, for every blogpost that is added to category ‘wiki’ WordPress creates a wiki-page with the blogpost-title as a wiki-word. This wiki-page has a link to the blogpost. So I get to decide on a post by post basis whether to add it to the wiki or not. You can see it in action in one of the postings at Hydrogen.
Every time a blogpost is put to the screen WordPress checks if it is of the ‘wiki’ category. If it is, links to the wiki-page in view-mode and in edit-mode are added after the link to the comments.
The code of the plugin is available, as public domain material, in the wiki: WikiAdd

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  1. Good question Moe. Wakkawiki will duplicate the page, and will show the most recent changed as the page, I think. That is a point of improvement (though easy to implement by a test call to the database before writing to the wiki). Another point of improvement is to test the length of the wiki-title that results from the posting-title, whether it exceeds the max length allowed in the wiki.

  2. Fantastic. This really looks like a nice cross between a Weblog and a Wiki. Do I understand it correctly, that you can select for every item, if you can only comment or edit it wikistyle?
    Anyway: I really nice proof of concept for an idea which as been circulating in my brain for quite a while. I never would have thought, that it is that easy as you described it, though.

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    Ton Zijlstra hat es geschafft: Ratzfatz hat er mal eben ein Weblog und ein Wiki verheiratet. Hydrogen heißt sein experimentelles Weblog, bei dem die einzelnen Postings wahlweise kommentiert oder wiki-mäßig bearbeitet werden können. Ich hatte das im…

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  5. Small world, hi Martin…yes I integrated MT with twiki, mt publishes into twiki’s database and the two work well together, even the mt comments would if I wanted them. Six Apart (the mt folks gave it a yawn so I dropped that domain, but have it at:
    Dunno what use it is tho, both twiki and mt dev gave it a yawn…was a lot of work tho

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