Yesterday I visited a meeting of CP Square in Amsterdam. CP Square is a community on communities, started by Etienne Wenger (who coined the term community of practice) in 2003. It was sort of an informal warm-up to the Infonortics conference held today and tomorrow in The Hague on virtual communities. Several of the presenters there were at the Amsterdam get-together.

It was in an open space format, and I enjoyed a day filled with great conversations. Also nice to get to know Nancy White face to face, after reading her blog Full Circle.

Not much reflection yet, it’ll come later. But you can check out the raw notes I took, or have a look at the pictures (including yellow-notes and posters).
Thanks to Erik van Bekkum for inviting me! Thanks to all present for the conversations we had.

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  1. Ton, one of the best things about the meeting for me was discovering this blog!

  2. By the way, just so that you know, “community of practice” was a term in use already in the 60’s….as well as “platforms of interest”, “platforms of common practice”, etc. In fact, we used these terms in the manifesto writings for SDS in 1967.

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