My partners mother is an avid photographer. She used to have her own dark room etc. Since some time she’s experimenting with digital photography quite successfully, and whenever we visit Elmine’s parents a new set of pictures will decorate the kitchen door. As a kitchen door is hard to pass around to others to look at the pictures, we set up a photoblog for her.
Over at you’ll find the basic set up. Current content is just some holiday shots from our own trip to Denmark in 2003, which we used as testing material. I’m confident more interesting stuff will show up there in the coming days.
Oh, and while I was at it, I created a photoblog for myself as well, which I named Sensory Input. Don’t know if I’ll be a regular poster, but it might entice me to do more with the pictures I take than just transfer them from the camera to the hard-drive.
A big thank you to Martin R�ll (from Bilder im Kopf) and Anders Jacobsen (from Extrospection) for providing me with their templates. I’ll try and alter the templates in time, so that my photoblog (phlog?) does not seem a 1:1 copy anymore. 😉

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  1. Family blogging

    My mother has started a photoblog. Ton helped her out with building the templates in MT. She especially likes playing around with the macro-lens. Check out her photoblog at! She writes in Dutch, but leaving comments in another langua…

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