I often wondered about the relatively silent Dutch blogosphere. Mainly lifelogs and linkdumps, hardly anything else. In fact most Dutch bloggers I read aren’t even writing in Dutch, they use English.
Now Peter Breuls, commenting on how he can’t go to the Bloggercon this week in Harvard (Will you be at BlogTalk then Peter?), proposes to organize a blogging conference right here in the Netherlands.
Being one of the people organizing BlogWalk, and as the first event took place in the Netherlands, I am certainly interested in this initiative. Also I’m willing to help organize it.

One reaction on “Dutch Bloggercon?

  1. Hi Ton,
    I am looking for your article about Information overload, but saw this posting…
    If you are planning to organize this event, why not think about what we were proposing?….and event with bloggers and KM? In the Netherlands?

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