My partner Elmine has been trying her hand at blogging for a few months now, in Dutch. Now as she is about to start working on her masterthesis, she is switching to English. The blog as of now is called Communigations

Her masterthesis will be about blogs: […]one part is to describe the weblog as a communicationtool and compare the weblog to other types of communicationtools used on the internet, […]the other part of my thesis will consist of a philosophical investigation of the weblog. Bringing in themes like on line identity building in the post modern world, and the ideal speech model of Habermas, I look forward to seeing her postings.
The deadline for her work is set at July 5th. Yes, that is when the Blogtalk 2.0 conference will be held in Vienna, where she hopes to be able to present her findings.

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    A week ago Carla Verwijs wrote about (negative) weblog experiences. She quotes a post from John Grillo in which he expresses his frustration that he hasn’t been able to build a community around his blog. This made me wonder why…

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