Microdoc News model of a blogalogue
Microdoc News: Social Network that Builds a Blogologue describes how innovative stories spread through the blogosphere. They can go largely unnoticed, only quoted by several ‘early adopters’, until a ‘connector’ (in this piece mainly A-listers) picks it up, and it spreads like wildfire. Basically what the piece is describing is the role of the tipping point.
This piece is a follow-up on an earlier article called Dynamics of a Blogosphere Story, and it looks like there is more to come:
Microdoc News is now collecting data of another twenty to thirty blogologues. We are collecting names of successful innovators, connectors, hubs and participants who act as voters or who take other parts. We are testing our concepts and identify other details as to how these blogologues work. Any help we can get from other bloggers is welcomed.
Now it is interesting to see how viral approaches to the networked structure of the blogosphere yield interesting perspective, but as I’ve stated earlier, it all is only descriptive. That is fine for searchingout structures, but how will we put it to use. Predictive use of these insights, now that would be really worthwile.

Can we do something like that ourselves, or do we have to wait until the spammers and on-line marketing people figure it out and bury us under yet another wave of bandwith guzzling sewage?