David Weinberger cites Declan McCullagh at C|Net News.com on how American Senator Orrin Hatch, who proposed the absurd plan to remotely destroy pc’s using unlicensed copyright material, apparantly uses javascript code ripped from Milonic Solutions on his own website at the US Senate.
Checking the Orrin Hatch site myself just now, I find the following copyright statement for the menu:

Milonic DHTML Website Navigation Menu – Version 3.x
Written by Andy Woolley – Copyright 2002 (c) Milonic Solutions Limited. All Rights Reserved.
Please visit http://www.milonic.co.uk/menu or e-mail menu3@milonic.com for more information.
The Free use of this menu is only available to Non-Profit, Educational & Personal web sites.
Commercial and Corporate licenses are available for use on all other web sites & Intranets.
All Copyright notices MUST remain in place at ALL times and, please keep us informed of your
intentions to use the menu and send us your URL.

Either there never was a problem, or it has been discretely fixed.
Or maybe should we regard the US government as a commercial undertaking, now GWB II and his big corporate friends run the show?

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