Thomas Burg cites a post by Simon Willison:
By removing the day headers entirely, I hope to shift the focus of this blog from religious daily updates to entries with a little more substance. I think the psychology of a blog’s design is easily under-rated; I’ve already noticed that my blog entries have been getting longer since I started adding entry titles. At any rate, with this latest design tweak I certainly won’t be rushing out poor quality entries before midnight any more.
For those same reasons I deleted the day headers from my template when I switched to Moveable Type a few weeks ago. I’d rather have my readers turn away from a posting because they think it’s not worth reading, than because the day header says it’s already yesterdays news.

One reaction on “Do you know what day it is?

  1. A really interesting idea that may the solution I’ve been looking for.
    Moving from Radio to Movabletype left me with a heap of individual, daily and monthly archives. The navigation from one to another is proving a nightmare to sort out. I’ll consider this as a solution. May lead to more consideration of my titles as well.
    I don’t think of my entries as associated with a particular time, nor do I when visiting other sites.

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