Dina Mehta gives us a great description of how she is winning over her partner to blogging, with questions that speak to his attitude as a die-hard ‘company man’.
She then goes on citing yet another of McGee’s great musings on how to treat blogs in corporate surroundings.
At the same time Martin Roell is preparing for his presentation at the Gurteen Knowledge Conference, on how to introduce blogging in the workplace. His talk will be an adaptation of his earlier talk at the Blogtalk conference.
(Update: my assumption that it would be an adaptation was false: read the comments for an explanation)
As one of the focal points, to my pleasure, of the Gurteen conference is personal management, Martin promises to keep his story as practical and tangible as possible, and concentrating on individual weblogs.
In his talk he will:

  • recount how he came to blogging himself
  • show the audience how they can start a blog for themselves
  • show two ways how to then introduce blogging into their organisations (the formal one, and the guerilla one)
  • and give the audience tips on how to convince their CEO’s (The audience will all be into KM, so they will understand immediately. However they will need sensible arguments and useful approaches to win their CEO’s over.)

    See also: Rick Klau on trying out blogging in corporate settings, november 2002

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    1. Hi Ton, I just got back from London. Let me correct you a little: My talk was not an adaptation of the Vienna talk. I thought I could do that first (lazy me), but when I talked with David Gurteen, the London conference organiser, we found out that it would be better to work out something completely new, as the audience was very different from the one in Vienna: None of them really knew was a Weblog was before the conference! So I prepared a completely new presentation (which actually was a lot of fun!) and focused on how Weblogs work for an individual knowledge worker. The audience was really great: They asked a lot of questions and immediately “got” the concept of Weblogs in KM. The even had problems in their organisations to which they could apply Weblogs to. Very interesting!

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