Finally I have added something that was on my wishlist for a long time: photos in my blogroll. Sebastian Fiedler uses photographs in his blog, both in the postings he cites and his blogroll. I think it adds to the conversational feeling blogging gives me to add faces to the names, and the voices in my blog.
Part of the pictures in the blogroll are directly drawn from Sebastians server, some others reside on my own. Sebastian proposed storing all pictures on one site, so that people have only one place they need to go to, if they want to change their picture or have it removed. This will probably mean that my picture might end up on his server in the near future.
If one of these pictures is you: I have used your personal picture since it was already online, and took that as a sign that me using it would be ok. If you don’t want to see your picture in my blog, just drop me a line and I’ll remove it immediately. Of course you can also contact me if you want me to use a different picture.
Next step will be adding code to detect which blogs have been updated recently and featuring them on top of the roll.

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  1. Facing the Blogroll

    Holy Deja v&#249 here’s another commodius vicus of recirulation leading us right back to the bang-path address days and the long lost inbox user icon xfaces service — Following Seb’s lead Ton’s…

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