I arrived in Vienna yesterday in the early afternoon for the Blogtalk Conference that takes place today and tomorrow. Did a bit of exploring yesterday, after having coffee in the Burggarten, next to the former Imperial palace. Vienna is together with Prague and Budapest what constitutes central Europe to me, and the only one I haven’t visited before.

Vienna is full with neoclassical buildings, cropped close to eachother which makes it hard to get a good impression, or take a picture that says it all.
Anyway, after a quick stroll around I spent an hour in the Albertina, where a great exposition of Edvard Munch was on. The loneliness and existential fear of the people in his paintings is haunting.
Strangely enough in the museum store they only featured postcards of the more colorful and less dark pictures of Munch. So when I’m back I will have to look for on-line pictures to show you what I found intriguing in this exposition.

Then on to dinner at Oswald und Kalb, with the local “Tafelspitz”, and cheese with a great glass (actually two) of Traminer for dessert.
Now on to the conference, am in the room now, and Thomas Burg is starting his opening speech.