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Our hometown is about 2 hours east of Amsterdam, on the border with Germany, in the beautiful region of Twente.

It can be reached by planes, trains, automobiles:

By plane (in order of practicality):

By train:

  • Intercity connections every 30 minutes from all major cities in the Netherlands, including a direct service from Schiphol airport (2hrs)
  • Hourly connections from Münster (Westf) in Germany (75 mins)
  • Hourly connections from Dortmund in Germany (90mins)
  • Two-hourly connections from Berlin (4.5 hrs) / Hannover (2hrs) in Germany to neighbouring Hengelo

See Dutch railplanner, and the German railplanner, both in English.

By automobile:
Enschede is connected to several motorways,

  • The A1, and A35 connect to Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands in general
  • The German A31 connects from Oberhausen / Düsseldorf / Cologne in the south, from Emden in the north
  • The German A30 connects from Osnabrück / Hannover / Berlin in the east
  • The German B54 connects from Münster in the east

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