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Finding a place to stay

Enschede sadly has less hotels and lodging capacity than other Dutch cities of comparable size. Luckily there are some Bed&Breakfasts in town, and there is a camp ground as well.

For comparison where everything is relative to our home take a look at the map. We’re in a neighbourhood called ‘Park Stokhorst’, towards the eastern edge of town.
Our home is easily reached from anywhere in town by bus (line 6 Stokhorst, 30min service), (rented) bicycle, cab or car.


More hotel options are available in neighbouring Hengelo. A 5 minute train ride connects you to Enschede 4 times per hour:

Bed & Breakfast
We are in touch with one B&B operator who is scouting for more rooms around town for us. Will update here as we get more info.

Next to AirBnB we also know of these:

  • Villa de Pilla, close to railway station / city center. Walk or cycle to us. 3 rooms, shared facilities. Good experiences last time. 40 per person / night. They seem to be still in business although the website hasn’t been updated for a while, but I am checking with them to find out.
  • B&B Roombeek, in a beautiful newly rebuilt part of town
  • Op ‘t Oorbeck, old farmhouse, with several rooms. Somewhat remote, 9km from us. For those with a car.
  • Lonneker Staete apartments, in the village Lonneker 4km north of us. Bicycle or car needed.
  • Camping

    • Camp ground Twentse Es, rent a cabin or bring your own gear. Walk (3.2km / 45mins), cycle (4km), bus or car to our place.

    Our guest rooms

    • 2 guest rooms with double bed (your guest room will be workshop room during the event) Fully booked!
    • 1 guest room at Lilia & Robert’s. Lilia and Robert kindly offered a place to stay for those in our network. Do you know them? Contact them directly. Don’t know them? Contact Ton or Elmine first. Fully booked!

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