Some links I thought worth reading the past few days I think E and I will need to visit Copenhagen in September for TechFestival. Thomas calls it ‘Reboot at Scale’: The time is right for a new conversation on tech. One that anchors tech in society with human answers for progress. An important point made […]

Reboot 7 in 2005 was a turning point for me and many others. How a large part of my professional as well as personal network looks today, that digital disruption now fully underpins most of my work, and that I took the freedom to operate on my own, all have Reboot 7 (and the editions […]

Last years Reboot11 conference was a great event. To me it had lots of the atmosphere and vibes that made Reboot 7 in 2005 a landmark event for me. That first Reboot conference for me came on the heels of two BlogTalk conferences in Vienna in 2003 and 2004. At Reboot I found myself in […]

It’s already been a month (it’s been kind of hectic, amongst others with a death in the family) since I visited Reboot_D in Berlin, but finally here are some impressions. Reboot_D Reboot_D (link in German) took its cue from Reboot Britain last July, an event looking into how to use the new affordances of the […]

The closing key-note at Reboot was given by Bruce Sterling. A great and entertaining talk, looking at the next ten years and what it will be like to live through them. Sterling, a futurist (or strategic forecaster, if you’re not allowed to use the word ‘futurist’), and cyberpunk SF writer, painted a great and at […]