Last week Tuesday an Open Data Meet-up took place in Graz, Austria, the first of its kind outside of Vienna.
I was asked to present there, but could not make it in person. So I presented via Skype-video, which except for one or two small glitches worked very well.
It felt fitting to present in Graz, as that is where two-and-a-half years ago I came across Open Government Data as theme, by meeting Keith Andrews at PolitCamp where I was presenting about the impact of Web2.0 on politics.
Heinz Wittenbrink whom I have the pleasure of knowing for some time already, is a teacher at FH Joanneum where he explores with his students how Web2.0 can be used for modern day journalism. He was one of the people organizing the Graz meet-up, and videotaped the entire session. All presentations can be found on Vimeo.
Here are my slides and video:

Ton Zijlstra: Value Creation of Open Data. A Community Perspective from Heinz Wittenbrink on Vimeo.

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