Earlier this year I worked on Open Government Data for the Ministry for the Interior, together with James Burke. As part of that project we created a basic flow chart to help civil servants decide if and how it is ok to open up data sets they have available. Thanks to the persistence of James Burke and the great artistic skills of the BUROPONY guys in Rotterdam that flow chart looks now a whole lot better.

English version:

Dutch version:

They can be downloaded as PDF (Dutch, English) to print and put up on the wall. They have a Creative Commons BY NC SA license. Also if you want to create your own language version, get in touch with James Burke, as he can provide access to the original design files for you to work with.
Making flow charts like these can help dispel urban myths, reduce complexity, take away concerns and fears, and shed a bit more light on grey areas. Creating these for instance for Germany was part of the discussions at Reboot_D and is something the people of the newly founded Open Data Network in Germany can pick up on.

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