Stephanie Booth came up with WoWiPAD, which is how I (and Elmine as well) will spend our day:
So, another of these “get-together” initiatives I’m launching is the World Wide Paperwork and Administrivia Day, which we’ll call WoWiPAD from now on. Unless you’re super-organised or are already a GTD black belt, you probably have piles of receipts to sort, papers to file, expenses to invoice, forms to fill in, and various administrative things that just pile up and don’t get done, because, let’s face it, it’s way more fun to be earning $$ doing exciting stuff with clients than spending the day drowning in stuffy papers alone at one’s desk. (See her blogposting on WoWiPAD)
We’re with ten people, virtually connected (via Facebook), working away the piles of paperwork that have slowly gathered on our desks, and other flat surfaces that would look much better cleared.
As I am starting on my own this year, today is also the day I will create my own bookkeeping system (My bookkeeping training from years back now comes in handy), as well as write my very first invoice.
I’ll publish a photo, once the office has become presentable again 😉