Schlau und Schön? I read about her experiments with Flock:

Flock? Flock!: Inspired by Nancy White who wrote about it on her blog I’ve been messing around with Flock the last few days. Flock is a “social” web browser, based on Mozilla firefox.

I hadn’t looked at Flock since it first came out during the 2nd ever BarCamp in Amsterdam in 2005, so I thought I’d have another look.
Flock describes itself as a social browser, allowing you to keep track of your different buddies in Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc right in your browser. It also contains a handy Web Clipboard to drag and drop stuff you want to blog about to, and can automatically post any bookmark you make to delicious etc.

As Nancy notes in the comments over at Andrea’s blog Flock seems a very heavy load on my laptop’s CPU. Writing this text I hear the ventilator gearing up considerably, and every now and then the text I am typing is slow to appear.
Flocks looks slick and nice, it offers some good functionality. But it seems like it’s maybe trying too much at the same time.

I am blogging this from inside Flock, adding different snippets from its Web Clipboard into this posting.

(A  picture of when Andrea was visiting us 2006)

Now let’s see how this looks up on the blog
EDIT: Flock screwed up the paragraph lay-out, wasn’t able to load the categories of my blog, and adds the wrong source attribution to the quote I added from Andrea’s blog. (It quotes the Flock sidebar as source!)

Blogged with Flock

4 reactions on “Trying Flock 1.0 Beta

  1. Heya, via some of my Twitter friends, I am hearing the same sorts of reviews. Like the app, but bloated and still a bit problematic. But I like this network-testing of apps!

  2. Hey folks,
    We don’t get many reports of Flock running slowly, but we have discovered and crushed a few major performance bugs in the recent weeks. If you’re experiencing some issues and are interested in helping us crush these bugs, drop me a line at evan at flock dot com and we’ll see if we can’t hunt down your particular issue.
    Flock on,
    Evan Hamilton
    Flock Community Ambassador
    evan at flock dot com

  3. @Evan,
    thanks for commenting! My wife finds Flock running smoothly on her Mac. On my Windows laptop it slows down performance considerably, with the cooling fans at full speed. Will let you know additional feedback when appropiate.

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