Adding metadata to stuff can be a pain in your proverbial back-end. Especially if you, like me, take a lot of pictures, but do not own a camera that adds GPS coords automatically for you.
Lucky for me, the guys at Sumaato Labs (based in Hamburg, Germany) have made my life geotagging photos in Flickr a whole lot easier. Because they’ve built the Localize Bookmarklet
Here is how it works. You drag the bookmarklet to your toolbar (Firefox) or bookmarks (IE).
Open up a Flickr photo page.

Hit the bookmarklet…..and you’ll get Google Maps right there in your Flickr page.

Search your location. And put the arrow where you want it.

Save, while adding a little description if you want.

And now the geodata is stored in three places. Under the pic, in the tags, and in the Flickr Additional Info section. Cool! Don’t you just love AJAX and API’s when it’s used like this?
Another elegant feature: it remembers the last location you used for geotagging. Because your next picture is more likely to have been taken near there.

Oh and one more thing. I really miss the geotagging feature in Plazes for Flickr photos (as Plazes already know where I am/was, I could skip the interaction with a map.)

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  1. @Markus: it appends text to the existing description.
    @Tijs That would be cool. It used to be you could select pics from your Flickr stream right in Plazes and have them geotagged that way.

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